Start your nuclear refuge plan

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1. Book a trip to a refuge zone

When you book a trip as a Nuke Refugee, you will be escorted by a VIP concierge with status as you are going to be recognized as the future of mankind. We are expanding globally, however we are focusing our relocations solely in South and Central America. Your intital reservation will include your boarding, shuttle, and basic toiletries. Airfare and transportation are not included.

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2. confirm your trip + add Amenities

One of our relocation experts will confirm your reservation, and you will have the option to add additional amenities to your trip. You will be able to select from several affordable amenity packages designed for any size party you wish to bring. We offer several options such as:

  • VIP Transportation: Secure transportation to go shopping, touring, and exploring.
  • Food + Drink Packages: All you can eat and drink packages for individuals, families, or any size party.
  • VIP Tours: Get to know your refugee zone's history, popular destinations, and culture.
  • VIP Deep Sea Fishing Tours: Fish for monsters and be prepared to bring an extra cooler for fish!
  • Book a trip to speak with one of our experts about all of our amenities!

3. Buy your airfare

Once you've confirmed your trip, it's time to get your plane tickets! One of our relocation experts will be more than happy to help you find the best deal possible. Otherwise, feel free to book a flight to your refuge zone that meets your travel itinerary.